​​The Pink Sevens is a High School Girls Rugby 7s Tournament held in the picturesque Salt Lake Valley. The tournament will be held on the 7th & 8th of October, 2016 at the new Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City, UT. The address is 1180 Rose Park Lane, Salt Lake City, UT 84116 (https://goo.gl/26daJP)

Team registration is open to High School Girls Multi-School ("Club") and Single-School teams registered with USA Rugby and compete in the regular competitive seasons of a State Rugby Organization ("SRO").

Motely and academy teams ("Barbarian teams") may apply to be wait listed for any open slots available after registration closes. These teams cannot include players on the tournament roster that are USA Rugby registered ("Cipped") with a team entered in the Pink 7s tournament.

Player eligibility for the tournament follows the USA Rugby High School Player Eligibility rules.

The tournament comprises two divisions:

Varsity Division - teams comprising players in the 9th through 12th Grade of High School.
Junior Varsity - teams comprising players in the 9th and 10th Grade of High School

Clubs and schools may enter as many teams as they like in each of the divisions. Team registration fees are $350 per team until September 2, 2016. The registration fee is $450 from September 3, 2016. Registrations close on September 23, 2016.

Teams will be allowed a maximum of 5 substitutions per match but may have more than 12 players on the team tournament roster.

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PINK SEVENS   High School Girls Rugby Sevens Tournament  -  October 7-8, 2016  -  Salt Lake City, UT

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